Reghin, Romania

Since the 1950s, the old lutheirs in Reghin, Romania have used resonance wood for high-quality keyboards and instruments.

From an acoustic point of view, Bosnian Sycamore maple, Italian Sycamore maple, and Romanian resonance spruce are the best woods in the world.

It is believed that the old Italian luthiers used Romanian wood from a valley in the Gurghiu Mountains area (also known as “Valea Italianului”), 25.5 miles from Reghin.

For the first time in 2018, Oliver Perot, the president of EILA (Entente Internationale des Luthiers et Archetiers), organized an international summit in Cremona, Italy to discuss sycamore maple exploration from Romania and Bosnia. A coalition of Luthiers  Associations from around the world was established and the species of wood used to build instruments and bowls was discussed.

The high quality of wood from the Romanian Carpathians, together with the high capacity to adapt and develop luthiers from Romania, makes it possible to rank them on par with counterparts in Cremona, Italy and Mittenwald, Germany.  

This honor is not new. The reputation and quality of the Romanian luthiers and instruments has been known for the last 20-25 years.