The Association of Romanian Violin Makers (ASOCIAȚIA ARTIȘTILOR LUTIERI DIN ROMÂNIA) was founded during the communist regime in 1990, almost immediately after the collapse of the communist regime, with the contribution of some of the most well-known Romanian violin makers who were the successors of Roman Boianciuc, namely Nicolae Ciurba, Florea Precub, Ioan Luca, and Pavel Nagy.

Even during the 1920s, some highly appreciated violin makers such as Gheorghe Radulescu, Carbunescu, Scheffler, Prof. Bianu, Apăteanu, Macarie, Pohoryles, Stirbulescu and Polak distinguished themselves in this area.

Knowing that at Reghin, wood was debited into instruments and keyboards, and that resonance pine spruce and maple with acoustic qualities recognized all over the world were growing in this area, in 1950 Mr. Roman Boianciuc set up a section that manufactures string instruments.

Roman Boianciuc had been participating in violin making competition in Liege-Belgium ever since 1967 and in 1974 won the bronze medal in the violin-making competition in Sofia.

Guided by the above-mentioned, Zaharie Mare, Vasile Mare, Sorin Ciurba, Bella Nagy, Jozsef Simon, as well as violin bowers Francisc Ivacsony and Eugen Man distinguished themselves during the 70s-80s.

The influence of the Italian style is also obvious due to the fact that the Romanians were already participating in the competitions organized in Cremona.

Claudiu Ciurba is one of the most appreciated violin makers of the new generation who graduated the Violin Making School in Cremona and who participates in the Cremona and Pisoni competitions with remarkable results.

After the year 2000, there is an intense participation in the Cremona and Mittenwald competitions of Vasile Mare, Claudiu Mare, Aurelian Mare, Francisc Gyorke, and Virgil Ioan Bandila.

At the present, the association has 27 members working to promote Romanian violin making internationally, with a wide range of highly competitive instruments that would pinpoint Romania on the world map of musical instrument manufacturers.