When I started learning the cello, I fell in love with the instrument because it seemed like a voice my voice.

— Rostropovich

Music is a language; a cello the repository of a beautifully intimate conversation between maker and musician. 

It’s a voice that calls and beckons with exquisite range and dynamic energy. In the crafting of its body and the drawing of its strings, the cello contains the clarion call of violin, the trembling resonance of double bass, the seductive echoes of viola, and the personal voice of cello—and as the cello speaks, the cellist participates in the conversation of excellence.

Mihail Jojatu

My parents were not musicians, but they loved music. I grew up listening to my older brother play the piano and the bassoon. By the time I was 4, I was able to replicate all of his music on the piano or by voice. My parents took note and I started my own piano and violin lessons.

When I turned 9, I went to hear a concert in the beautiful Atheneum Hall in Bucharest. For the first time, I heard a very fine cellist playing a solo recital. I was in love! It was the most beautiful instrument, the closest to the human voice. I remember telling my parents, “That’s what I want to play!”

I am blessed — they were smart to listen to a 9-year old.

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The Instruments

My musical travels over the past 20 years have taken me to many cities and towns across the globe. I have sought out and met the best contemporary craftsmen of cellos. Their careful hands and attentive workmanship leave an indelible mark of passion and excellence on each cello. Imagine my joy at finding, playing, and now offering for sale these cellos. I invite you to learn more about The Instruments. Please contact me with questions and prices.

Reghin is the Romanian Cremona of violin making.

The best tonewood for string instruments comes from Transylvaniaa region well known for endless Dracula stories, but less known for its beauty, history…and its tonewood.

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For more than 20 years, I have dreamed of starting a business to import exceptionally crafted Romanian cellos and making them available to the East Coast cello market. This dream is now a reality with Jovial Cellos.

Romania is dear to my heart. I was born and raised in Bucharest. Growing up playing the cello has given me a love for Romanian-made cellos.

Recently, I traveled to different parts of Romania where I met many talented luthiers. In Reghin, I was mesmerized by the quality of the wood and the craftsmanship of the luthiers.

Each instrument is meticulously crafted by an individual luthier. Some of the instruments are collaborations between some of the region’s master luthiers. None of the cellos for sale through Jovial Cellos are mass produced.

Please visit The Instruments to see my current inventory of cellos. Please Contact me for pricing.